NPC'S or Non-Playable characters, similar to other traditional MMORPGs, are bots in the game that serve a specific purpose. Each Faction has a set of NPC's consisting of: 

Blacksmith- Sells weapons of specific faction, Enchants weapons and has Quest option.
Tailors- Sell armor, gloves and boots of a specific faction, Enchants armor, gloves and boots and has a Quest option.
Collector- Offers Antique feature, Combine feature, Exchange feature and has Quest option. 
Elder- Provides the entrance to the location for upgrading (requires 100 Contribution Points), can combine archives and legends into level 80 skills, and gives out more quests than any other NPC. Elder will also clear stat points for lvl 1-30 
Gate Master- Can teleport you to different maps for a small fee, has a banking feature to store your items at a small fee, can give quests, and also will refill your Calabash Bottle for a small price.
Guild Director- The guy to go to if you need to create or manage a guild, also has a storage feature that is free of charge.
Herb Master- Sells your everyday pills and tabs, also sells Calabash bottles and Scroll of Returns (teleport you to your castle), also gives out quests and can combine some quest rewards or bought items into valuable items.
Mall Manager- Access the item mall, downgrade, and extract here.
Trader- Gives option to list rare items with12% enchant or more with the use of a commossion reciept. also give the option to view and buy items listed by other people.
Trainers- Each trainer is specific to a weapon, they can teach you skills you will need in your battles.
Guard captian- Gives you the option to move to your lvl formation battle's. restiance battle (when available), master maps, and give Quest.
Gambler- Gives access to the track, has a mini game you can play called dice match, and sells trancinding charm, refinement reciepts and jade exchange reciept

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