Gunsong Fortress
Gunsong Fortress is the home map of the Guanyins. 

Guanyins spend most of their time in this map, hanging around with guild mates, selling items or just being afk (away from keyboard).
There are a lot of functions in town, like storage, skill teachers and tailor/blacksmith. A full list of NPC in this map can be found below.


Guild Director Tao (6348, 7613)
Tailor Xaoran (6170, 8187)
Blacksmith Gyon (6371, 8284)
Trader Doja (6739, 7772)
Mall Manager Nowon (6869, 7792)
Lady Gayon (6743, 7407)
Gambler Namkun (6423, 7286)
Guard Captain Baeck (7194, 7155)
Elder Gwan (6465, 6415)
Marble Trainer Songi (6969, 6259)
Sword Trainer Koho (7080, 6100)
Blade Trainer Wi (7170, 6255)
Herb Master Gong (7654, 7951)
Yellow Gate Master (7432, 8205)
- Light Guard (filler NPC, no use, just looks.)


Zombie Soldier 
Hunch back
Copper Zombie
Yellow Flag Goblin
Red Bandit
Spear Soldier