While your strength may be great, no warrior can go through this world alone. At some point you'll need to join blades and fists with another brother at arms to tackle a challenge. And in many cases, you'll have to go beyond that.

Twelve Sky offers a Clan System (much like a guild in other MMO's) where you can be united with UP to 50 other players. Clan members can use various features like Clan Chat, Announcements, Appointments, Titles, and Insignia Registration.

Announcements: You can send messages to other Clan members on all maps.

Notice: A message can be reserved for Clan members who are currently offline.

The Clan chief can leave a message so Clan members can read it anytime.

Appointment: The Clan chief can appoint a Clan member as the assistant chief. Assistant chiefs can use some of the features in place of the chief such as inviting a player to the Clan and expelling a Clan member.

Title: The Clan chief can give a title to Clan members. The title is shown in front of the Clan name.

Insignia Registration: This feature is used to register the Clan’s insignia. How to use:Guild Insignia

Expel: While we would have that your entire clan is lines mined and a fellow fighter, there are times when a member is no longer pulling his own, and must be discarded like the waste they are. Only a Clan chief or assistant Clan chief can expel a Clan member from the Clan.

Leave: Any Clan member can use this option to leave a Clan.

Disband: In the very occasion that your entire clan is far beyond your contol, The Clan Chief can choose to Disband the entire clan and leave them all to fend for themselves (This option can be used only when there are no Clan members in the Clan).

All Clan features can be used according to the Clan stage.

Guild levels and conditions

Rank 1: Guild Leader Title: Team Leader Usable Features: Guild chat and connection notices of guild members and Guild Announcements Max Number of Members: 10 Requirements: level 50 and 5 mil silver

Rank 2: Guild Leader Title: Squad Leader Usable Features: Notices Max Number of Members: 20 Requirements: 100 contribution points and 10 mil silver

Rank 3: Guild Leader Title: Brigade Leader Usable Features: Appoint assistant guild leader and can give titles to members in guild Max Number of Members: 30 Requirements: 500 contribution points and 20 mil silver

Rank 4: Guild Leader Title: Guild Leader Usable Features: Nothing. Max Number of Members: 40 Requirements: 1000 contribution points and 30 mil silver

Rank 5: Guild Leader Title: Guild Master Usable Features: Nothing Max Number of Members: 50 Requirements: 2000 contribution points and 50 mil silver [quote="MissChief"]OK, you have got to level 50, saved up 5 million silver and created your guild and have lots of members.