Common blades can be found at all levels or be bought at a tailor. All monsters drop common gear.  One type of gear can also appear in differend levels (like a lvl 1 blade, can also appear as lvl 5 blade). So level and base statts can differ a bit from this page.

Lvl +/- Name Base stats +/- Icon


1 Light Stiletto
9 Light Blade
13 Shadow Freeze Stiletto
16 Blossom Stiletto
22 Black Wolf Blade
25 Craftsman Large Blade
31 King Long Blade
34 Dark Long Blade
40 Thin Large Blade
45 Long Dragon Blade
50 White Horse Blade
45 Craftsman Large Saber
60 Thundering Long Blade
Black Phosphorus Katana
Red Sun Blade
Black Moon Blade
Bright Beam Blade
Red Phoenix Blade
Blue Heaven Blade
Blue Writing Blade
Willow Long Blade
Frost Inscribed Blade

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