Common gear can be found at all levels or be bought at a tailor. All monsters drop common gear.  One type of gear can also appear in differend levels (like a lvl 1 robe, can also appear as lvl 5 robe). So level and base statts can differ a bit from this page.

Still updating, info in here isnt correct

Lvl +/- Name Base stats +/-

Preview Male

Preview Female
1 Tiger Robe defence: + 2
Fujin-tiger robe-male
Fujin-tiger robe-male-back
Fujin-tiger robe-female
Fujin-tiger robe-female-back
9 Northern Wind Robe

defence: + 25
dodge: + 3

Fujin-northern wind robe-male
Fujin-northern wind robe-male-back
Fujin-northern wind robe-female
Fujin-northern wind robe-female-back
13 Cloud Robe defence: + 36
dodge: + 4
16 Winters Chill Robe defence: + 45
dodge: + 5
Fujin-winters chill robe-male
Fujin-winters chill robe-male-back
Fujin-winters chill robe-female
Fujin-winters chill robe-female-back
22 Flaming Sky Robe defence: + 62
dodge: + 7
Fujin-flaming sky robe-male
Fujin-flaming sky robe-male-back
Fujin-flaming sky robe-female
Fujin-flaming sky robe-female-back
25 Blue Snow Robe defence: + 70
dodge: + 7
31 Black Dragon Robe

defence: + 96
dodge: + 10

34 Dark Dragon Robe
39 Black Python Light Armor
43 Dark Spirit Armor
45 Bright Fire Light Armor
49 Anti Venom Armor
53 Power Light Armor
57 Bloody Wolf Light Armor
61 Polar Star Light Armor
63 Ancient Light Armor
67 Red Sun Light Armor
71 Black Wind Light Armor
73 Death God Light Armor
76 Sand Light Armor
78 Black Wind Light Armor
81 Dancing Moon Metal Armor
84 Black Snake Armor
86 Evil Spirit Armor
89 Spirit of Death Armor

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