Bonus from Stat Points

Every faction receives a different bonus from stat points.

Note: When changing a weapon, the strength stat will receive a different bonus to damage. (Depending on the weapon and faction).

Fujin stat Point Bonuses:

1 Vitality Point -> 14.29 Hit Points
1 Chi Point -> 17.14 Chi
1 Dexterity -> 4.57 Chance to Hit
1 Dexterity -> 2.29 Chance to Dodge
1 Strength -> Using Katana : 3.17
1 Strength -> Using Double Blade : 2.71
1 Strength -> Using Lute : 2.94

For levels 100 - 112, players will receive zero stat points. At level 113 players will receive the Master Title. From here on out, every time a player levels up, these are referred to as Master levels, instead of just normal levels. Master 1 – 33 (Level 113 – 145) will receive 30 Stat Points per level.

Each level past 100 Stat points will be automatically assigned.

Per level past 100 up to 112 Fujin players will receive: 500 Hit points 250 Chi 40 Yin Damage 9 – 20 Skill Points

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