An Elder can be found in any town and in Yongu. This NPC has a few funtions (and a useless one also)

  • Chat: A very useless function, unless you like reading the same text over and over again.
  • Quest: With this you can receive or finish quests when you get a notification.
  • Entrance: To enter the faction palace where the lord is located (100 cm needed).
  • Reset statts: If you are below lvl 30, you can reset your stattpoints with this function.
  • Combine: With this you can create a few skills by gathering and combining archives.


The skills that can be combined at Elder are:

  • Heavenly Repulsion: Chance to return dmg.
  • Reverse Flow: Stun resistance
  • Heavenly Destruction: Chance to destroy Heavenly Shield enemie
Skill Archives to combine
Heavenly Repulsion Fire Dragon Finale Munro Finale Turn spirit Finale Sun Finale
Reverse Flow Northern Wind Legend Snow Legend Moon Wolf Legend Gods Legend
Heavenly Destruction Demon Gate Archive Bloody Sky Archive Demon God Archive Marble Archive