Key Action
A Rotate camera left
D Rotate camera right
W Rotate camera upwards
S Rotate camera downwards
Space Toggle Attack/Friendly stance
Q Drink liquor from calabash
E Pick up nearest item in range
R Skill menu
T Open personal store
Y Feed pet/sacred animal
U Use teleport friend scroll
I Inventory menu
O Hide/show mini status bar
P Party menu
F Friend menu
G Guild menu
Z,X Change skill bar page
C Stat menu
V Hide/show names
B Hide/show skill effects
N Respond to last whisper/pm
M Mission menu
"alt" Hide/show item names
"shift"+(wave) Shout chat
"shift"+! Faction chat
"shift"+@ Party chat
"shift"+# Guild chat
"shift"+"left click" (on player) Community menu
"ctrl"+"left click" (on player) Force attack
F1 - F8 Use equipped skills
F10 , Esc Settings, logout, help menu
F12 Screen shot
"right click" (in inventory) Equip/use selected item
"right click hold" Rotate camera
"Tab" On/Off minimap
1 - 4 Use pills, tabs, food or fireworks
5 Ask/accept healing
6 Heal willing player
7 Sit/stand
8 Greet emote
9 Taunt emote
0 Cheer emote
"/return" (type in chat) return to starting location of map (costs 1% exp)