A Rotate camera left
D Rotate camera right
W Rotate camera upwards
S Rotate camera downwards
Space Toggle Attack/Friendly stance
Q Drink liquor from calabash
E Pick up nearest item in range
R Skill menu
T Open personal store
Y Feed pet/sacred animal
U Use teleport friend scroll
I Inventory menu
O Hide/show mini status bar
P Party menu
F Friend menu
G Guild menu
Z,X Change skill bar page
C Stat menu
V Hide/show names
B Hide/show skill effects
N Respond to last whisper/pm
M Mission menu
"alt" Hide/show item names
"shift"+(wave) Shout chat
"shift"+! Faction chat
"shift"+@ Party chat
"shift"+# Guild chat
"shift"+"left click" (on player) Community menu
"ctrl"+"left click" (on player) Force attack
F1 - F8 Use equipped skills
F10 , Esc Settings, logout, help menu
F12 Screen shot
"right click" (in inventory) Equip/use selected item
"right click hold" Rotate camera
"Tab" On/Off minimap
1 - 4 Use pills, tabs, food or fireworks
5 Ask/accept healing
6 Heal willing player
7 Sit/stand
8 Greet emote
9 Taunt emote
0 Cheer emote
/回程 return to starting location of map (costs 1% exp)



1. Player Status Bar

Player Status Bar

Provides information on player's health, Chi, and experience.

2. Sacred Animal Status Bar

Animal Status Bar

Provides information on player's Pet

3. Party Window


Provides information on party's status.

4. Mini Map


Shows location and Coordinates. Click the triangular button on top to hide the mini map, and use the +/- buttons below to enlarge or reduce the map. Identify party members’ location with the green pointer on the mini map. The pointer will disappear when a party member gets out of sight.

5. System Message Window

System Message Window

Provides information about game and status updates.

6. Chat Window

Chat window

The chat window is divided into System Message Window and General Chat Window, and the triangular button below can be used to designate the chatting range to selectively chat with other players.

7. Menu Window

Menu Window

Click the Menu Button to open various windows such as Status, Inventory, Skills, Quests, Party, Friends, Clan, Store, and Settings.

8. Quick Skill Slots

Quick Skill Slots

These are the quick slots in which you can assign skills. You can assign skills from F1 to F8, and you can assign up to three groups of skills. Use the Z or X key to change skill group.

9. Potion Bar

Health mana recovery

Lists items in your inventory that can be consumed via hotkey. Also displays how much alcohol is left in your Calabash Bottle.